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Under the leadership of automotive pioneer Eugène Buisson, Société Anonyme Française du Ferodo (SAFF), which began in 1923 in a small workshop in the Paris region, produced the first friction materials made in France. SAFF became a major player in the automotive revolution at the start of the 20th century and was already dominating the market for the production of brake linings and clutches.

At its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on May 28, 1980, the company adopted the name Valeo. From its first foray into the Spanish market to its rise to prominence in Asia in the 2000s, Valeo gradually established itself internationally as a leader in a fast-changing automotive market.

Valeo accelerated its international development and, drawing on its unique innovation capacity, focused on developing technologies for cleaner, safer and smarter mobility. Thanks to its context-relevant technologies, it was able to extend its equipment supplies beyond cars to new types of vehicles, both for electric micromobility (bikes, scooters, three-wheelers) and new forms of mobility (autonomous shuttles, delivery droids), becoming an increasingly global player in mobility.

Valeo is the world leader in driving assistance, equipping one out of every three new cars in the world. Valeo has all the technologies needed to support the acceleration of this market, including sensors, software, data fusion and a “brain” that enables the vehicle to make the right decisions.

Showing 1–48 of 2474 results