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In 1899, Sally Windmüller founded the Westfälische Metall Industrie AG company in Lippstadt and initially produced lanterns for carriages and bicycles. He quickly recognized the signs of the times and developed the first headlamps for the upcoming automobile. The Hueck industrial family from Lüdenscheid took over the company in the 1920s and expanded the production of headlamps and rear lights.

At the beginning of the economic miracle years in Germany, HELLA began to set up international locations and also started to produce electronic products such as indicator relays. The strong growth in electronic components in vehicles since 1990 has made us one of the market leaders in certain product segments of automotive electronics, such as accelerator pedal sensors and radar sensors.

As a strong partner of the automotive industry, HELLA is and always has been a driver for innovative products, such as xenon or LED headlamps.

Start-stop technologies in vehicles work thanks to intelligent battery sensors from HELLA. In addition, HELLA founded joint venture companies such as HBPO and BHTC in order to open up new markets, and to intelligently bundle subject areas.

In addition to the development of electronic and lighting products for passenger cars, HELLA also transferred its expertise gained in this field over to the field of special applications for trucks, agricultural vehicles and even ships. The sale of spare parts was bundled together into the aftermarket business, and today include a broad product range and diagnostic expertise for independent workshops.

Showing 1–48 of 4386 results