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Airaid’s first product was a filter that replaced restrictive factory components. These were sold as intake system kits, and were met with immediate popularity in the high performance aftermarket. The Airaid company rapidly expanded these offerings for popular cars and trucks while integrating leading-edge technology into its design and manufacturing process.

This continuous push for groundbreaking solutions allowed Airaid to stand out from competitor’s product offerings, and even attracted OEM companies for special production vehicle kits. Remaining focused on air flow management, Airaid developed Poweraid throttle body spacers in 2000 to further enhance high performance air intake systems. By 2001, Airaid was manufacturing our own air filters in order to meet the highest quality standards. Based on laboratory testing, our Synthaflow and Synthamax filter media leads the industry in efficiency. Today, Airaid continues to develop air intake systems without boundaries, always exploring beyond the horizon.

The original AIRAID Intake System combined an air filter with a modular intake tube, dramatically increasing airflow to the vehicle’s engine. This in turn, improved performance, and enhanced overall engine efficiency. This first product was the foundation of company.

After extensive research and development, Airaid introduced the Poweraid® throttle body spacer. Its patented Helix-Bore set the Poweraid® apart from the rest, dramatically improving low end torque and throttle response. Off roaders in particular, who are always looking for more low-end torque and part-throttle power when trying to get through tough terrain, struck gold with Poweraid®.

Airaid introduced our Premium Filter line at the 2002 SEMA show. The trademarked SynthaFlow® material is what differentiates AIRAID premium filters different from the competition. Combining 4 layers of cotton-gauze plus one layer of synthetic material, Synthaflow® nano-fibers capture tiny microscopic dirt particles. This is especially important to off-roaders who play in some of the harshest environments on earth.

Showing 1–48 of 1006 results