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FORTLUFT Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve Stainless Steel


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  • Electric Motor – Fully Stainless Steel – Fast Opening and Closing
  • Universal Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve FORTLUFT is a part of the automobile exhaust system. This element allows you to control the exhaust system sound by directing the exhaust gases through the muffler’s direct-flow exhaust pipeline. In turn, the direct-flow exhaust system allows increasing the dynamic characteristics of the car. The valve is mounted by welding method.
  • Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve FORTLUFT is accomplished with a modern electric drive – this is a new technology that, unlike obsolete vacuum valves and other models of electric valves with Y-pipes, ensures quick and reliable work of the mechanism. Nowadays, such electric valves are used by leading automobile manufactures and tuning studios around the world.
  • Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve FORTLUFT is controlled by the remote (product SKU 4401125). The remote control has three buttons: ON / S / OFF. The ON command – fully open, the OFF command – fully close, the S command – partly open/close the valve in six different positions, designed for the situations when you need the exhaust pipeline to be opened/closed partway. The valve can also be connected to any accessible button in the passenger compartment to open or to close it.