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Exhaust Super Flex Connector Stainless SteelExhaust Super Flex Connector Stainless Steel

FORTLUFT Exhaust Super Flex Connector Stainless Steel


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FORTLUFT Exhaust Super Flex Connector Stainless Steel 2.5″-3.00”

  • Universal, Super Flex, Interlock liner, Fully Stainless Steel, Two Layers Bellows, Nonmagnetic
  • FORTLUFT provides the warranty for the Exhaust Superflex Pipe tightness for the 24 months period or during the next 25000 miles (40000 km), after the spare part installation.
  • Universal Exhaust Superflex Connector is a part of the exhaust system of the car. This spare part is used to reduce vibration that allows your car to be more comfortable and enjoyable in use.
  • The first super flexible connector pipes were invented and launched by German car manufacturers. The new Superflex weaving technology of the outer layer used in the production of these flex pipes allows to achieve high flexibility of the spare part and increases its wear resistance.

Exhaust Superflex Connector

The Exhaust Superflex Connector FORTLUFT consists of four layers. The outer layer is made from high-quality stainless steel using the Superflex weaving technology. The inner layer is presented by the sealed stainless steel flex tube, which gives the flex pipe additional reliability and durability. Between these layers, there is a double-layer bellows (Stainless Steel double-ply construction), also made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Standard Caps are installed on both sides of the exhaust Superflex connector, they securely fasten all four layers and allow the spare part to be mounted in the exhaust system by welding exhaust pipes.

Malfunctioning exhaust Superflex pipe can be easily replaced with a new one without the necessity to purchase the entire exhaust unit. Moreover, there is no need to remove the whole exhaust system. Only to cut out the failed exhaust flex pipe and install a new spare part using the welding method instead would be enough.