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V-band Clamp Kit Stainless SteelV-band Clamp Kit Stainless Steel

FORTLUFT Exhaust V-band Clamp Kit Male and Female Flanges Stainless Steel

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  • Fully Stainless Steel (V-Band Clamp and Flanges)
  • FORTLUFT provides the guarantee for the Exhaust V-Band Clamp Kit Male & Female Flanges tightness for the 1-year period or during the next 15,000 miles (24,000 km) after the spare part installation.
  • The Universal Exhaust V-Band Clamp Kit Male & Female Flanges is a part of the car exhaust and turbocharging systems. This connecting solution allows the whole exhaust line to be hermetically sealed and, if necessary, easily disassembled. Unlike standard flange connections that have an oval shape and can be installed only with bolts, this kit includes round flanges that can be rotated 360 degrees to choose a convenient line position.
  • The Exhaust V-Band Clamp Kit Male & Female Flanges FORTLUFT consists of a V-Band Clamp and two round flanges that precisely match each other. At the junction of the flanges, there are Male & Female locking grooves, thanks to which the flanges are firmly connected to each other without any displacements. There is a special groove on the flanges to attach them easily to the pipe by welding